Five separate groups comprise the Play and Learn Nursery School. Children are usually placed according to age. Each group has its own specific teachers, goals, schedules and curriculum.

These schedules include:

  • Rug Time: This is a time for opening exercises, flag, calendar and daily schedule. We become proficient with conversational French phrases at this time. Rug time is a time for sharing and listening to our peers. It’s a time for enjoying our favorite songs, poems and finger plays.
  • Free Play: During free play children are free to choose from a wide variety of activities. Large muscle development is enhanced by riding bikes, climbing the jungle gym and walking the balance beam. Fine muscle development features puzzles, Play-Doh, painting, cutting and assembling toys. Imaginations soar through the use of dress-up and doll corners, kitchen area, creative craft activities, stencil/art tables, blocks and trucks. Free play is a time for children to interact with and fully enjoy each other in the give and take of socialization.


The last part of every day is saved for a variety of activities: Games, music, stories. Creative crafts, art, videos pertaining to specific units and parachute fun are possible activities. Special guests and community helpers are featured here as well.


Each class has a specific curriculum designed for that class alone. Areas of emphasis are language arts, math, health and safety, science and etiquette. Lessons are presented in a fun, game-like atmosphere with plenty of time for individual participation.

Developmental testing, progress reports which depict academic, social and emotional growth (sent out twice a year), and a pre-kindergarten inventory are all part of our education processes. Parents are encouraged to keep in close contact with teachers on their children’s progress.

Special Events

Play and Learn is known for its festive outlook. Learning is most effective when it’s fun! Among our better known special events are Muffins with Mom Day, Donuts with Dad Day, Halloween, The Thanksgiving Feast, Santa’s Visit, The Christmas Program, Valentine Party, Easter Bunny Party and a special End of Year Celebration.

Our spectacular Christmas and Graduation Programs highlight each year.

Your Kids Are Why We’re Here